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Mar 4, 2014 12:00pm EST
they are thriving in this environment? >> yes. >> these black-and-white lemurs like their food so much so that -- i will admit it made me a bit uncomfortable to say the least. thankfully, the giant galapagos tortoises don't get as excited about mealtime. in fact, they can live months without food. this one is 30 years old. new 18 becausee she will live to be 200. ofnson has spent hundreds thousands of dollars on animal conservation. in addition to torres and lemurs, a shelter some rare birds. >> this one here was born blind and they are hand feeding him. he's doing very well. right there. the scarlet ibis was once native to this area of the caribbean. by the time richard moved here, there wasn't a single one left. >> i figure because they were so beautiful, they were killed for their feathers and disappeared. >> but richard branson has big plans for them. >> once we have enough here, they will start moving out to other islands and hopefully the british virgin islands it will have scarlet ibis and flamingos in all the ponds. >> but if i were an animal here, i would never leave. >> don't do that. >>
Mar 5, 2014 12:00pm EST
the next few quarters, driving profitability as well. number three, the environment as a whole, it seems that investors continue to discount the upside and are very cautious. we will not see returns like 2013, but we are still bullish as a whole. >> in the last conference call we kept hearing about companies guiding downwards. so much m&a. how do you account for that? >> that is a concern, not everything is rosy and perfect, but there are concerns out there and you have seen an environment over the last few years where every quarter they learn a is part of thech regulatory environment that we are in. they overpromise and underdeliver and could potentially be on the hook for money. it down. which is not to say that you should ignore these things. you want to look at it. but you need to do your homework and look at what is happening in terms of corporate earnings. generally speaking, and our view, if the company continues to take market share away from competitors in in industry that continues to grow, they must reflect in the numbers at some point. maybe not this quarter or the next quart
Mar 3, 2014 12:00pm EST
at only -- it looks ite any other ford, except has infrared lights that scan the environment than much the same way another would. creating a three-dimensional map of everything, making 2.5 million measurements every second. it means the car can accelerate, brake, or swerve without being told to. it is autonomous. >> there is a long way to go in that. the next big staff will be cars , road conditions and safety conditions. i suspect the technology will be there before the legislation that the driver is ready to accept it. >> ford aims to have them hit -- them on the road by the next few years. >> selling cars is a job that often carries a negative stigma, but there is one salesman who has found success in a life dealing wheels. >> there is not any car that i cannot supply within 40 hours. >> if you want a supercar, where do you go to buy one? mayfair might sound like a good place to start, or you could try behind these gates. >> is here that you will meet tom hartley, a school dropout who has been selling cars and see was 12 years old. his speciality is finding the high-performance car
Mar 5, 2014 7:00pm EST
in that environment. a lot of investors aren't used to this market. we think we are in the waning days. as interest rates are eroding those rates of return, you are zero. >> lets the were treasuries ended today. in the last hour, you have seen yields up higher. overall, it was a tight range for the market. they are not taking up very big additions. was a little rush into the treasury market. in terms of commodities, you have to look at oil here. moving on u.s. data, u.s. inventory is climbing for the seventh straight week. there's some weakness in the, the. refining capacity is down. they are transitioning from winter into spring. that affects the energy stocks. or on the markets, i'm alex feel. ♪
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)